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We dig deep to understand our clients businesses.


Human centred design is at the heart of everything we do.


Utilising cloud technology and best practise to deliver smart solutions.


Continual iteration and evaluate ensures we deliver successful projects.

Delivering innovative solutions

We are a West Midlands based software development and web app company providing enterprise solutions. We have an excellent track record of delivering consultancy and bespoke software projects for innovative organisations.

Our agile software development team have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke software in highly regulated and competitive industries such as manuafcturing, healthcare, IoT and property management.

We specialise in Laravel PHP Development, .NET, Vue, and IOS & Android cloud hosted web applications.

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A Guide To Prototyping

Why do I need a prototype? A prototype is an early version of the product you are aiming to build.  It can be anything from a hand-drawn plan to a fully functioning completed product, which can be thoroughly tested by stakeholders and potential users. You ensure the product you are developing does what you are hoping it will do. The ability to collect any …

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"Wolf Logic Ltd. has delivered a product that's now up and running. The product's functionalities have already enabled users to actively update the client's data. As the collaboration was managed by a single point of contact, the workflow was effective and smooth. "