Outsourcing VS Hiring Software Developers

OK, now that you have already decided to build a software application, have you decided on how will you be going about the development process? Should you outsource or hire your software developer? A dilemma faced by many companies in this industry.   So, which should you choose? If you are hoping for a definite answer, unfortunately that isn’t possible in this situation. Choosing between …

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A Guide To Prototyping

Why do I need a prototype? A prototype is an early version of the product you are aiming to build.  It can be anything from a hand-drawn plan to a fully functioning completed product, which can be thoroughly tested by stakeholders and potential users. You ensure the product you are developing does what you are hoping it will do. The ability to collect any …

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What’s new in Laravel 7?

Laravel 7 was officially released on 3rd March 2020. It is another major version and the latest in the Laravel 6-month major version release strategy. It’s not an LTS version so that according to Laravel version support policy they provide 6-month bug fix until September 3rd, 2020. New in Laravel 7 Laravel Airlock Blade X Laravel Sanctum  Zttp for HTTP client CORS Support Custom …

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First Thoughts – Laravel Framework 6.0

At Wolf Logic we’re big fans of the Laravel framework for building web apps. Is this release just a series of bug fixes or a major incremental release with some great new features? Lets take a look at the key points of note. Here you go… Laravel UI The frontend scaffolding provided with Laravel 5.x releases is now extracted into a separate UI Composer …

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The Agile Manifesto – Adapt & Conquer

Anyone working in software development will agree that change is constant. So how can the agile manifesto, which emerged nearly two decades ago, still be relevant? In early 2001, against the backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains, in Snowbird, Utah, 17 people met to discuss the future of software development. The group’s members shared a frustration about the current state of affairs, even if they …

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Geospatial Meets Environmental Science

The University Centre Shrewsbury’s (UCS) Centre for Research into Environmental Science and Technology (CREST) launched a product with local software development company, Wolf Logic, that enables users to search any location, using either a postcode or map coordinates, to return geospatial data in the form of land and property details including boundaries, title information, solar suitability, terrain and other environmental information. CREST and Wolf …

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