Geo Points is an off the shelf platform that can be tailored by our team with a quick turnaround to suit your exact needs. 

We are a forward thinking company who have identified areas where multiple businesses and sectors seem to be spending more time than necessary on labour intensive activities.

We specialise in taking time consuming tasks along with large datasets and reducing them into fully or semi-automated systems at a very cost effective price.


Move away from Spreadsheets

Document Workflow & Generation

Map Analysis & Generation

Conformation to Company Standards

Data Visualisation


Data & Visualisation

Care providers, Surveyors, Local Authorities and most other types of businesses store data in different formats. This could be large unmanageable & out-of-date spreadsheets or other formats that aren’t pleasing to the eye. We are able to transform these datasets into Geo Points where they can be collaborated upon and used to generate insightful and customised reports that are meaningful.

Mapping & Geo Spatial

We can take data sources available online, whether they are in a GIS format already or stored within a PDF we can extract information and allow your business to quickly generate map based reports with the click of a few buttons. No more copying and pasting whilst switching tabs in your favourite browser. You won’t know how you managed without Geo Points.

Internet of Things

To compliment our Remote Monitoring Service, Geo Points is able to receive live data feeds from IoT (Internet of Things) devices which can then be processed and visualised. It might seem like a lot of work but we have made it easy for businesses to integrate our devices and software into their processes.

Industrial Automation

We work with Industrial Automation providers to add value to their products and to keep their technologies up-to-date. Along with bringing legacy software up to scratch, Geo Points can be used to monitor & manage devices thousands of miles away; Saving time, money and reducing carbon footprints.

How it works

We capture your requirements and let you see the value in migrating to this working method. After which you will be assigned a business analyst who will break down the functionality and pass it onto our development team.

In some instances it might be a quick turnaround and we can enable pre-existing features so you can start saving time and money sooner than you may have thought.