IR35 Changes – Silver Lining

With the changes brought around by IR35, responsibilities have shifted to companies instead of contractors, this has had a knock-on effect in organisations having to take on permenant staff where they may not desire to, amongst other changes impacting contractors themselves.

It has made it harder for flexible workers to get on with what they are good at and you may have even felt the effect of these changes directly.

What’s the silver lining? If you have a development resource that you cannot keep on after the changes, or this will cause extra unnecesarry administration, then Wolf Logic is on hand to step in and provide you with the resource you need. We have the flexibility to assign the correct project team or person to free you up from thinking about IR35 and other aspects of resource management.

We take the time to understand your hurdles and help you jump over them with a spring on the way. Get in touch with us to find out how we can work together.