Our remote sensors can be placed in almost any building or remote location and feed live data into our intelligent reporting platformWe visualise your data and provide access via a web browser, desktop software or even via SMS to your mobile.  

We can retrofit sensors into existing machinery, hardware & buildings, or if you are already collecting data, we can integrate most data sets into our visualisation tools. 

Drive your digital transformation by gaining insights from your connected devices. Turn those insights into action with our flexible visualisation tools. From manufacturing to transportation to environmental and agriculture. 


Machinery failure monitoring

Fuel supply monitoring

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Animal location tracking

Boiler Heater Temperature Monitoring


Cold storage

When maintaining constant temperatures is critical. IoT temperature sensors not only provide instant alerts if the temperatures fluctuates but data can also be stored for cold supply chain compliance where a constant record of temperature level is stored for Health and Safety Audit purposes 

Liquid Monitoring

Monitoring fuel tank volumes is critical for homes and businesses to avoid damage to equipment as well as downtime. We provide alert reporting using level sensors to notify fuel suppliers of low volumes. This data is used to calculate predicted future usage from our data visualisation tools. 

Factory Machinery

Machines and equipment are used in many applications within manufacturing and industrial production facilities. Motors can be monitored for overheating along with vibration variation to alert the management team and indicate that servicing may be required. This can reduce onsite engineering staff and improve system performance. 

Communication Rooms

Offices and factories usually contain unmanned rooms for Communications or Server Equipment housing. These rooms must operate at a constant temperature and humidity to ensure electronics do not overheat or electronically fail. Sensors can be used within hardware to avoid expensive downtime. 

How it works

Our bespoke remote sensors can be placed in almost any environment and can feed live data back. This allows us to then visualise your data in an easy to read format on a multitude of platforms, such as desktops, phones and even your smart watch. Emergency notifications can also be sent when certain conditions arise.