Our Software Services

Strategic Consultancy

Our consultancy service will help guide you through the hurdles faced whilst trying to create new systems or bring legacy systems up-to-date. We deeply analyse current processes and create a strategic road-map for future development.

Legacy Software

Whilst it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, it is sometimes important to keep legacy systems running. We can support these systems whilst learning how they are integrated into your business to ultimately provide upgrade paths.

API Implementation

Utilising cloud technology and best practise to deliver smart solutions – A well designed API will enable scalability, flexibility & future-proofing with a high R.O.I.

Data Science & A.I.

With the advance of Machine Learning & A.I. – Our team includes specialists in these disciplines along with complimentary Data Scientists who help shape data lakes that power valuable tools.

Web Apps

From the idea to the deployment, our team will lead every step of the way to bring your web application to life


The ‘Internet of Things’ covers all industry sectors. Utilising cloud technology and best practise to deliver smart solutions, our software & electronics team can launch your business into the next quarter of the 21st Century.

Mobile Apps

We use the latest tools to bring applications to your fingertips. iOS & Android platforms are catered for to enable richer sharing of data

Electronic Design + Proto.

The Wolf Logic team is made up of some talented individuals; our electronic design & prototype department can overcome problems and provide solutions that are otherwise too expensive or unavailable on the open market.


Not only do we provide software development services, but we have the ability to cater for mission-critical support for systems that your business relies on. This support has different levels and could range from a monthly retainer or full blown 24 – 7 – 365 Service Levels.


We work with Agile methodologies. Our process is influenced by Scrum, Kanban and XP, taking the core principles and leaving behind some of the more prescriptive doctrine so that we are able to tailor our process for the project and client we’re working with.

Guided Working

We understand the majority of businesses want to focus on what they do best. So we take the technical jargon out of the equation by placing our business analysts into the front-line. This is typical of successful projects where developers can focus on the task at hand, knowing what they are working on has been brought through the appropriate processes beforehand.We operate on the basis that our software development services will be delivered on a longer term relationship, however, when starting out with your organisation; our first objective is to provide a foundation that is scalable, flexible & future-proof: We refer to this as a low risk way of working where trust & delivery is at the core.

Some of our clients

Our expertise lies within the following areas: Geospatial, IoT, Data Management & Visualisation. Our clients are able to do what they do best whilst we create and improve digital platforms.