Software Development Services

Utilising industry best practices, our team can help you plan and develop your software application from start to finish.

Web Applications

From the idea to the deployment, our team will lead every step of the way to bring your web application to life.

We develop web application products from idea to deployment. Our team will help build your web application and ensure it is user friendly and customised to your business requirements.

API Implementation

Utilising cloud technology we provide efficient application programming interface connections for web applications.

We have experience of utilising API services to connect web applications, smart devices, IOS & Android Apps.

Legacy Software Applications

It’s critical that organisations upgrade internal applications to ensure security standards are met. Our team have experience of maintaining, upgrading and developing legacy software and applications.

We can support these systems whilst learning how they are integrated into your business to ultimately provide upgrade paths.


The ‘Internet of Things’ covers all industry sectors. Utilising cloud technology and best practise to deliver smart solutions, our software & electronics team can launch your business into the next quarter of the 21st Century. We use the latest tools to bring applications to your fingertips. iOS & Android platforms are catered for to enable richer sharing of data

IOS & Android

We provide mobile application development as part of our core service. We can develop web application, native IOS and Android.


Not only do we provide software development services, but we have the ability to cater for mission-critical support for systems that your business relies on. This support has different levels and could range from a monthly retainer or full blown 24 – 7 – 365 Service Levels.

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"Wolf Logic Ltd. has delivered a product that's now up and running. The product's functionalities have already enabled users to actively update the client's data. As the collaboration was managed by a single point of contact, the workflow was effective and smooth. "
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